Bob Callaghan

Mouse Hole Scissors

The Mouse Hole brand was created by Bob Callaghan after many years of sharpening for Australian  Groomers.

He noticed that there seemed to be a lack of good-quality grooming scissors, thinners and chunkers at affordable prices within the Australian Dog Grooming/Pet Grooming Industry. After a lot of research, he found what he feels is a great range of equipment for anyone in the grooming industry. From grooming businesses to those who groom their own animals as part of pet care or for showing; or for those who want to learn this art.

He chose the name ‘Mouse Hole’ out of the recesses of his creative mind. He wanted to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!

Whilst we are still developing the range this website shows our current selection. All our items are road-tested by experienced groomers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a family business, but we want you to feel confident purchasing from the Mouse Hole range.

We also stock a range for cat groomers or groomers wanting smaller scissors etc for finer grooming work

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