Prices subject to change without notice.

Items will be dispatched as soon as possible after payment received.

We use Express Post satchels for dispatch only as this is the safest, surest way to get your orders to you. We will provide you with tracking numbers once your items have been sent.

The Scissor Cellar, T/A Callsharpening Pty Ltd, will offer the following if you are not satisfied with your Mouse Hole Product:

Scissors, Thinners, Chunkers, Fluffers: All these items are tested and checked prior to dispatch.

However if you find any of the following you must notify us within 30 days from the day you receive them in order to be offered a refund, replacement or store credit for exchange. 

    1. Scissors not cutting properly or functioning properly.
    2. Goods are received noticeably damaged.
    3. Goods received are incorrect – do not match your order.
    4. Any other issue is found that affects the correct functioning of the product. 

You can notify us by email at: cathyandbob@thescissorcellar.com.au or cathy@callsharpening.com or call Cathy on 0409 272 575 or Bob on 0417 774 202 during business hours. Emails or calls received out of normal 9 to 5pm business hours will be answered the following business day. Defective items are to be returned within the 30 day period in postal satchels provided by us. 

Issues raised after 30 days will be offered service or repair to the item if possible, but no refunds will be issued. Replacements/Exchanges after 30 days will be at our discretion only and return of the defective item is to be at the cost of the customer. 

Mouse Hole Accessories: Slicker Brushes, Curry Brushes, Combs, Dremel Heads, Clipper Grips, Scissor Cases, Scissor Holsters

All these items are also checked as part of quality assurance standards prior to dispatch. 

If you find any of the following:

    1. Item is received damaged. 
    2. Goods received are incorrect – do not match your order.
    3. Items are not functioning as advertised/expected.
    4. Any other issue affecting the correct functioning of the item. 

Please notify us within 30 days of receipt of your item(s), using the emails or phone numbers listed above. Responses to out of business hours messages or calls will be attended on the following business day. You will be offered a refund, exchange via store credit or replacement depending on the issue if you notify us within the 30 day period and asked to return the item in a free return postal envelope provided by us. 

Issues raised after 30 days will be offered a replacement, but the return post of the defective item will be at the customer’s cost. Refunds and store credit will not be offered after 30 days. 


In compliance with Australian Consumer Law, we reserve the right NOT to exchange, refund, credit or replace items due to ‘change of mind’ by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to shop with discernment and check their cart prior to payment. 

Once an order has been processed, completed and dispatched, change of mind regarding any of our products is final. 

EXCEPTIONS: If however, we notice an anomaly with an order, we will contact the customer immediately to check their order is correct. If we are unable to contact the customer to check, or if the customer does not respond to our query, the order will be processed and dispatched as listed.

If a customer feels they have made an error with their online order or feels their may have been a technical or other issue with payment or any other aspect of their order, they can contact us immediately and we will work with them to resolve the issue. 

Messages/Phone Calls/Emails: 

Staff at Callsharpening Pty Ltd conduct themselves at all times with a friendly, professional manner, working towards customer satisfaction as a constant goal. 

Rudeness, verbal abuse, threats of any kind via any means of communication will not be tolerated. Any of the above will be reported to appropriate authorities and we reserve the right not to supply, or have contact with customers who choose to behave in this manner. 

Policies and Procedures outlined in this document have been prepared in accordance with Australian Consumer/Business Law via the ACCC and Fair Trading. 

Bob & Cathy Callaghan, Directors
Callsharpening Pty Ltd
The Scissor Cellar
03 November 2022

All Mouse Hole Grooming Scissors, Chunkers, Thinners & Fluffers have 12 months warranty on parts, including handles and hinges, but not blade sharpness*.  See details below. 

*Curved Chunkers, Thinners & Fluffers are dispatched with guidelines for their correct use so that warranty is not voided. 

Accessories, including – brushes, combs, Dremel bits, curry brushes have 12 months limited warranty, dependent upon their correct use. Guidelines for use are provided with each purchase. 

Mouse Hole Clipper Grips – have 6 months limited warranty, again dependent upon correct use and application. Guidelines for use and application to a clipper are included with each purchase. 

Scissor Cases & Holsters of all sizes and styles have 12 month warranty on zips and fastenings, again, dependent upon correct use. 

Please notify us within the first 12 months of use if you have issues that may come under the warranty guidelines outlined above. Replacement items will be issued if this is the case. In some cases, a Warranty Repair may be required and this will also be offered if appropriate. 

In some circumstances, Callsharpening Pty Ltd reserves the right to have items returned by the customer (we will facilitate return postage costs for warranty situations) for inspection, prior to issuing replacement items. 


Callsharpening Pty Ltd reserves the right to void a warranty on any product if we determine misuse once it has been returned. 

Mouse Hole Grooming Scissor blades on all items in the range, are sharpened and tested for sharpness prior to dispatch to each customer. This quality control ensures that no item in the range is dispatched unless it meets our stringent standards. 

Blade sharpness once the item is in use in either a grooming salon, grooming competition or the home, is not covered by warranty due to the many variables that can impact a blade once it is in frequent use. 

We are unable to offer a warranty on blade sharpness because of these factors and due to our inability to accurately assess scissor, thinner, chunker or fluffer usage once the item has been sent to the customer. 

We love feedback! Please leave a review if you are happy with your purchase and of course let us know straight away if you are not happy, so we can fix the problem or issue.

Callsharpening Pty Ltd has a policy of non-discrimination against anyone based on their gender, ethnicity, age or religion.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who chooses to use verbal abuse in person, via phone, message or email and threats of violence will also not be tolerated and may result in prosecution.