Mouse Hole Grooming Scissors

In The Beginning

Mouse Hole Grooming Scissors began with an idea Bob had to bring out a quality, affordable range of grooming scissors. As a sharpener for the grooming industry for over 2 decades, he knew what to look for in terms of the right steel alloy and proceeded to search the market for a good manufacturer.

The Mouse Hole name comes from Mouse Hole Anvils, which were produced for blacksmiths in the UK in the 1700s. They were the ‘go-to’ product for blacksmithing at the time and he wanted an unusual name that had previously symbolised a quality item.

After testing many samples, we decided on a manufacturer that produced the alloy we wanted and had the capacity to develop items and styles that we felt would appeal to groomers aesthetically (appearance-wise) and get the job done well for them.

We decided to name our styles after dogs…because we love them and because we wanted to be different. The names don’t relate to grooming the dogs they are named for, but rather to the way each scissor looks and performs.

Our First Scissors

Our first items included: Beagle 7” range, Collie 8” range, Chihuahua 6.5 & 7” range, Greyhound 7.5” range and our Zero Serrated 7.5” Scissors. The Zero deserves special mention as it was our first serrated blade scissor and was named after a beautiful poodle.

From here, we began to develop a left-handed range and also kept adding to our right-handed styles. Thanks to our manufacturer, we’ve managed to ensure the quality in the steel and style of our brand, at a reasonable price for our customers.

We are now branching out into more accessories and are excited to see what 2023 will bring as we launch this blog to promote and feature items in our range and develop other ways of using social media to connect with our valued clients.

We don’t always get everything right and it has been a wild ride with busy times since we first started. But we try always to be authentic and trustworthy, and never lose sight of our goal to keep groomers supplied with great tools. Watch this space for more soon.


2 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. andreafurness3108 says:

    Well done Cathy and Bob. Love everything I have brought from you and all your customer service and knowledge 🥰🥰👍👍

    1. Cathy Callaghan says:

      Thank you Andrea. We aim to keep up the good work. 😊❤️

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