Brushes for dogs and cats

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Curry Brush

$18.00 Inc GST
Curry brushes come in several colours, all the same size. Perfect to gently de-shed a coat and give your dog a massage as well? Soft bristles attract stray hairs. Comfortable hand grip for easy use.

Large Curved Head Slicker Brush Plastic

$25.00 Inc GST
Our large curved head slicker brush is good for de-tangling, removing dead hair and finishing.

Large Flat Back Slicker Brush

$20.00$25.00 Inc GST
A lightweight large flat back Slicker Brush with a comfortable handle. Available in pink and turquoise.

Large Painted Wooden Curved Slicker Brushes

$35.00 Inc GST
Large curved slicker brush in painted wood with a matte finish. A solid, but still lightweight addition to your grooming tools with an ergonomic-shaped handle.

Small Slicker Brush

$20.00 Inc GST
Small Slicker Brush. A soft-bristled brush, lightweight with an easy grip handle. Handy size for cats, smaller dogs or feet and heads. Comes in pink, turquoise and black.