Dog and cat grooming combs. Tail combs, de-shedding combs, combs with widely spaced teeth, half and half combs and more.

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Arched Combs

$40.00 Inc GST
Our new Arched combs come in Rainbow Titanium and Silver. 100 Teeth. Arched combs are for fluffing up top knots and Asian Fusion grooms.

Combo Combs

$30.00 Inc GST
This combo comb has variable-spaced teeth and a curve at one end. It is 22 cm long with 85 teeth.

Curved Combs

$38.00 Inc GST
These curved combs come in two variations and colours, Rainbow and Silver. Choose either variable or even teeth. Curved combs are great for combing out top knots all the way round the shape of the head.

De-shedding Comb

$40.00$50.00 Inc GST
For de-shedding coats that are moulting or after thinning etc. Variable teeth length to capture loose fur/hair. Dimensions: 16cm length/86 teeth, or 22cm length/123 teeth. Comes in silver only.

Half & half Comb

$25.00 Inc GST
The half & half comb has an even combination of wide and closer-spaced teeth for de-tangling and tidying coats before and after grooming. Dimensions 19cm/74 teeth.

Half Moon Comb

$40.00 Inc GST
The Half Moon Comb is perfect for tidying shaped cuts and removing loose hair. Dimensions 17cm length/69 teeth.

Large Variable Teeth Comb

$25.00 Inc GST
A good all-rounder large variable teeth comb for de-tangling large areas. Dimensions 22cm length/101 teeth

Large Wide-Spaced Teeth Comb

$27.00 Inc GST
Wider teeth along most of this Comb allow for detailing coarser/thicker or very curly coats. Close-space teeth at one end allow for combing smaller areas such as tails & feet.

Medium Even-Teeth Combs

$25.00 Inc GST
Medium even-toothed combs are a good general comb. Teeth are evenly spaced. Dimensions 22cm length/125 teeth

Medium Variable Teeth Comb

$25.00 Inc GST
Medium variable teeth combs in assorted colours. Dimensions 22cm length/100 teeth,

Tail combs

$18.00 Inc GST
A great little comb for tidying tails, heads, faces and feet. Dimensions 18cm length/32 teeth.

Tiny Grooming Comb

$15.00 Inc GST
A tiny half 'n' half comb for small areas, tiny puppies or cats. Dimensions 13cm/77 teeth