Greyhound Lefty scissors for left-handed groomers.

Greyhound 7.25″ Curved Thinner Lefty

$155.00 Inc GST
Greyhound Lefty Curved Thinner is a 7.25" scissor for left-handed groomers. 66 teeth, perfect as a finishing scissor.

Greyhound 7.5″ Curved Blender Lefty

$155.00 Inc GST
Greyhound 7.5" Curved Blender left-handed pet grooming scissors. A great blending and finishing tool for left-handed groomers. The curved blades allow for shaping as you groom. They remove approximately 50% of the coat and like thinners, can also act as finishers.

Greyhound 7.5″ Extreme Curved Lefty

$155.00 Inc GST
Sleek styling with a big bend! Perfect for shaping when you need the extra angle and length to achieve a full, rounded look. Extra length for larger areas. Also available in a right-handed version.